Meeting Reports

This year:

17 October 2018: Bayesian meeting Afternoon Meeting description

31 January 2018: Meeting on Bayesian Computing at the University of Reading Bayesian meeting description

26 April 2018: Professor David Spiegelhalter (President of the Royal Statistical Society) gave a talk entitled:  Trust in Numbers at The Quaker Meeting House in Reading. Trust in Numbers report

Previous years:

March 2017: Statistics in Agriculture. A joint meeting with the Business and Industrial Section. Statistics in Agriculture description

Dec 2016: Statistics in Sport. This meeting focused on applications rather than the technical details.  Statistics in Sport description , Kevin’s slides &  Rob’s video

Apr 2016: An Afternoon on Bayesian Computation.

Mar 2016: Statistics in Weather and Climate.  Held jointly with the General Applications and Environmental Sections of the RSS.  Statistics in Weather & Climate description

Sept 2015: Data, Politics and Polling. A public interest meeting at the RISC café. Data, Politics & Polling description

Feb 2015: Statistics in Open Innovation Statistics in Open Innovation report

Jan 2015: Afternoon meeting on Bayesian Computation Bayesian Afternoon description

Aug 2014: Statistics in Forensic Genetics Statistics in Forensic Genetics description

Apr 2014: A Celebration of Statistics in Reading Celebration description

Dec 2013: Bayesian computation Bayesian Computation description