Meeting Reports

Recent meetings:

  • In March 2016 we held a meeting entitled”Statistics in Weather and Climate”.  This meeting was held jointly with the General Applications and Environmental Sections of the RSS.  It was attended by 64 people.
  • In April 2016 we held a meeting entitled “An Afternoon on Bayesian Computation”.It was attended by 24 people, which was disappointing.
  • In December 2016 we held a meeting on “Statistics in Sport”. The meeting will focused on applications rather than the technical details.  Speakers were :Kevin Brosnan, University of Limerick (False Starts in Athletics: Are they Truly Fair); and Robert Mastrodomenico, Global Sports Statistics “Statistics for soccer matches prediction” (video here).
  • In March 2017 the Reading Group hosted a joint meeting with the Business and Industrial Section.  The topic will be “Statistics in Agriculture”.